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Seller's Guide

OKFoodAdd is one of the largest B2B marketplaces in food additive field that brings thousands of importers and exporters together and helps you close deals without any worries and inconveniences. You as a seller (or exporter) can easily attract global customers with the advantages of huge amount of visitors, professional sales agents, and safe trading processes provided by OKFoodAdd.

How to Sell on OKFoodAdd

I.Sign up as a trusted supplier on OKFoodAdd is the best way to get more orders. This option is only available for China food additive suppliers. To know if you are qualified, please contact our customer support.

II.Send a quote to customers’ specific inquiries is a very efficient way to get orders. You can send quotes to meet specific inquiries in the Inquire & Quote section.

III.If you are a registered supplier on OKFoodAdd, your product prices will be listed in the Products section which will attract buyers’ direct inquiry.

IV.In the Suppliers section, buyers can search for your company information including company name, location, main products, prices and contact information.