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SPECIAL REPORT: Fermented Foods Set to Flourish in 2016

05/20/2016 adminCategory: Industry News

The health benefits of fermented foods are being reported on increasingly, with western consumers widely opening up to new concepts. Consumption of fermented foods can be traced back thousands of years, if not longer, but it seems in 2016, buoyed by new product developments and consumers’ heightened awareness of the negative perceptions of processed foods, fermented foods are to establish themselv...

Report finds BPA in linings of canned food

03/31/2016 adminCategory: Industry News

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A new national report found the chemical BPA in the lids and linings of canned foods across the country.

Why Major Food Companies are Labeling GMOs Now

03/31/2016 adminCategory: Industry News

Five major food corporations are on board to label genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on all of their products. Campbell’s Soup (CPB) was first, followed by General Mills (GIS), Mars, Kellogg’s (K), and ConAgra Foods (CAG).

Extensive R&D Leads To Healthier Label Claims for Ancient Grains

03/30/2016 adminCategory: Industry News

Today, quinoa and other ancient grains are becoming kitchen staples. Corbion Caravan research reveals that more than one-third of consumers now indicate strong purchase intent for ancient grains.

Cornelius Urges Food Manufacturers Not To Abandon Use of Vanilla

03/30/2016 adminCategory: Industry News

Cornelius Group, an independent European distributor of raw materials and ingredients for the food and drink industry, is urging its customers not to abandon the use of vanilla in light of price increases and to instead just use less of the popular flavor.

Celanese Hikes Acetic Acid Prices in China Amid Weak Market

03/30/2016 adminCategory: Industry News

Chemical and advanced materials maker, Celanese Corporation (CE - Analyst Report) announced that it will raise the list and off-list selling prices of acetic acid in China by RMB200 per metric ton (“MT”). This price rise in the wake of recent market conditions is slated to be effective immediately, or as contracts permit.

What is E260 Food Additive?

03/30/2016 adminCategory: Knowledge of Food Additives

In the food industry, E260 equals to acetic acid which is an acidity regulator and as a condiment. Acetic acid is a colorless liquid organic compound with a distinctive sour taste and pungent smell.

Sensient Launches New Range of Mexican Flavors for Soft Drinks

03/25/2016 adminCategory: Industry News

Sensient Flavors has presented a new range of all-natural Mexican flavors for the production of soft drinks. Featuring horchata and tangerine profiles, novel innovative twists have been developed by combining lime & cactus, chili & mango and strawberry & guava.

KEY INTERVIEW: Freeze Dried, Next Best to Fresh

03/25/2016 adminCategory: Industry News

Freeze dried fruits are becoming popular snacks in their own right and many freeze dried fruits are found to keep the bulk of their nutritional values intact, without the addition of sugar or other additives.

What is E425 Food Additive?

03/21/2016 adminCategory: Knowledge of Food Additives

Konjac gum is also called konjac glucomannan or konjac flour. It is a natural odorless soluble fiber that is found in the konjac plant. The konjac glucomanan is the most viscosity food gum in nature. It has about ten times the viscosity than the cornstarch.

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