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Price Trends of Potassium sorbate

04/08/2016 admin

Price Trend of Potassium sorbate

Our professional purchasing agents are regularly collecting and updating the price trend of Potassium sorbate in order to provide more evidence for understanding why the price trend of Potassium sorbate in China is stable, rising, or dropping. OKFoodAdd has firm relationships with more than 500 food additive suppliers in China which enables us to gather large volumes of price information and conclude how the price trend fluctuated in the past months or years.

We are making great efforts in keeping the price trends updated on monthly basis. Some price trends of the food additive products may not be updated very regularly since they are usually very stable. Please sign up for our newsletter to get the latest price trend updates at OKFoodAdd.


Recent Price Trend of Potassium sorbate, Updated Oct. 2015

Prices of Upstream: Stable

Capacity of Upstream: Stable

Demand of Downstream: Stable

Forecast: Stable


The price trends are based on the average price of Potassium sorbate that OKFoodAdd sources in particular range of time. If you need specific price information of Potassium sorbate, please check the detail page of Potassium sorbate where you will find a list of suppliers and prices. Or you can simply send us an inquiry directly.

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