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Applications & Uses of L-Leucine

04/05/2016 admin

Properties: White crystalline powder; taste slightly bitterMelting point 293 ~ 295 (decomposition). Dissolved in 40ml of water per gram of acetic acid and about 100ml. Slightly soluble in ethanol, soluble in diluted hydrochloric acid and alkali hydroxide and carbonate solution. Uses: Nutritional supplements. Generally used for bread, flour products. The preparation of amino acid infusion and a comprehensive amino acid preparations, hypoglycemic agents, plant growth promoters. 


L-Leucine Used in Foods & Beverages

L-Leucine is widely used as nutritional supplements in food production.

·  As nutritional supplements: in food industries to complement amino acid.

L-Leucine is widely used as nutritional supplements, flavor enhancer in beverage.

·  As nutritional supplements: in funtional beverage to complement amino acid.

·  As flavor enhancer: in bread and flour product to enhance aroma and improve mouthfeel.



L-Leucine Used in Other Applications

L-Leucine is widely used as nutritional supplements in Cosmetics.

·  As nutrition supplements: in cosmetic and personal care industries to reactivate cells.