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Categories: Enzymes

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QAre you manufacturer of Nuclease?

No, OKFoodAdd does not manufacture Nuclease. We have firm relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of Nuclease in China and our QC team will be glad to help you audit or inspect the manufacturers.

QDo you have Nuclease in stock?

After we receive your inquiry, your personal purchase agent will contact the manufacturers soon and make sure Nuclease is available to ship.

QWhat is the lead time for Nuclease?

If your required quantity is within the inventory limit, your order will be able to be shipped in one week; if the quantity is large, your purchase agent will negotiate prices and estimated delivery time with the manufacturer on your behalf.

QWhat is the MOQ of Nuclease?

According to different food ingredients and different manufacturers, the MOQ varies. Please consult online customer service or your personal purchase agent for more details.

QWhat is the price of Nuclease?

The prices you see in the product detail page are valid prices. Since the price of Nuclease fluctuates often, we recommend you confirm the prices with your personal purchase agent before placing orders.

QDo you provide free samples of Nuclease?

Yes, we provide free samples of Nuclease. Please send inquiry to us or consult your personal purchase agent for more details.

QWhat kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment methods including T/T, O/A, D/P, D/A, Credit, etc. Please consult your personal purchase agent for more details.

QHow long do you need to reply to my inquiry on Nuclease?

Normally, it takes 24 hours at most (except holidays).

QHow do I contact my personal purchase agent?

You can find the contact information in dashboard of your account center.

QIs the information of suppliers listed on OKFoodAdd reliable?

Yes, we guarantee the information is real and valid. We can also provide factory audit service for all suppliers listed on OKFooddAdd.

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