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Ammonium Chloride

Cas No. 12125-02-9
E No. E510
HS Code 282710

Ammonium chloride, an inorganic compound with the formula NH4Cl, is a white crystalline salt, highly soluble in water. Solutions of ammonium chloride are mildly acidic. Sal ammonia...

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Salty Agents

Salty agents are food additives used to add salty flavor to foods. It is one of the flavor agents that adds specific flavor to foods. Salt is present in most foods, but in naturally occurring foodstuffs such as meats, vegetables and fruit, it is present in very small quantities. It is often added to processed foods (such as canned foods and especially salted foods, pickled foods, and snack foods or other convenience foods), where it functions as both a preservative and a flavoring. Many flavoring agents are available or may be compounded in the food industry. Salty agent is used to improve the salty taste of certain foods. You can find top salty agent manufacturers and suppliers from okfoodadd.com.


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