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Company Introduction

Shaanxi Teamhan Biological Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech and professional enterprise specialized in food premix. Situated in Yang County, Shaanxi Province, hometown of Nippon, one of rare birds in the word. It enjoys geographical environment and facilitating transportation. The Company is dedicated to Chinese national food industry. While complying with the corporate spirit “Focus, Insightful, Innovation and surpass ”, It has set up a comprehensive, multi-variant production base of food premix and flavoring which integrates production, sales and research in one. Shaanxi Teamhan Biological Technology Cor., Ltd has passed the ISO9001-2008 and ISO22000-2005 quality system certification and can manufacture 2000 tons of ethyl maltol, 100 tons of maltol , 500 tons of MCP, 100 tons of high-intensity sweetener9000 and 2000 tons of sodium diacetate per annum. Its key product is ethyl maltol, which employs GB 12487-2010 quality standard and complies with US FCC-IV standard. It is nonpoisonous , saves dosage, while having wide applications and good effects . It is not only popular in China, but also shipped to Europe, America, Southeast Asia. MCP, its another product employs QB/T2641-2004 standard, also complies with US FCC-IV standard. It is well recognized by domestic and foreign clients for its pleasant flavor and high purity. Sweetener9000, a high-efficient and high-intensity sweetener, with sweetness 8000-13000 times as much as that of standard sugar solution. It tastes sweet very like sugar. With the features of low cost, no limitation to use range and dosage, high-intensity and authentic taste, it is pretty competitive and promising in the world market. Its sodium diacetate has passed verification of domestic and overseas experts and technical institutions, test results show that all its technical specifications have met standards of FAO and WHO for food , It is mainly used to resist mold and corrosion to keep food fresh, and coordinate taste. It features high-safety, wide-spectrum, having won high opinion of numerous clients from home and abroad. Adhering to the core value “ maximizing the profit of our clients ” and the business philosophy “ satisfactory to customers’ needs, innovative enterprise undertaking”, on the basis of state-of-art equipment , advanced process, well-established testing tools, strong research power and high-quality products and services, The enterprise is leading all of its staff to surpass themselves continuously and will be sure to create a splendid tomorrow with their joint efforts

Main Products

Ethyl maltol, Methyl cyclopentenolone

Contact Information

Ran Ran

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